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Christopher Nolan says there is Zero CGI in Oppenheimer.

This isn’t the first time Nolan has avoided it. Here are some moments when Nolan used practical effects and blew our minds.


Nolan crashed an actual plane for Tenet. He found an old plane and removed the engines. He actually claims that it was cheaper than CGI.

Reverse Fight Scenes

The reverse fight scenes were actually choreographed. John David Washington rehearsed it to perfection.

3D Printed Training Center
3D Printed Training Center

To give the training center an illusion of depth, Nolan got it 3D-painted. They also built props that would pop from the drawer and The Protagonist will catch them to give the reverse effect.


Nolan built actual planes to crash them while filming. One such plane drowned with an IMAX camera strapped on it before they could reach it.


Nolan wanted to film the aerial fight scenes in the air instead of using a green screen. So he had his team find a way to mount IMAX cameras on the plane. They also ended up inventing a lens

Cardboard Soldiers
Cardboard Soldiers

Instead of using CGI, Nolan had cardboard cutouts of soldiers on sets.


Nolan used HD screens and lights showing outside space in the spaceship scenes so that actors would actually see space, instead of seeing a green screen. The Spaceship was built and was mounted on hydraulics to mimic the movement of an actual spaceship.

Interstellar: Corn Field Scene

Nolan planted 500 acres of corn for the corn fields scenes in Interstellar. After filming, he sold corn and made a profit.

The Dark Night Rises

He broke down a real plane and filmed the entire scene in the air without any effects.

Inception: Hallway Scene

For the hallway scene, He built a rotating hallway to give achieve a realistic effect of gravity.

Inception: French Cafe Scene

In the French Cafe scene where Ariadne has her first shared dreaming experience, they found a way to blow up things for real

Inception: Penrose Steps

For the Infinite stairs scene, they built real staircase models and perfected the camera position and movements to achieve the paradox.

Dark Knight: Truck Flip Scene

Nolan actually flipped the truck for this scene.

Gotham: A City Without CGI
Gotham: A City Without CGI

Nolan used miniatures and special effects to create the city of Gotham.

Interstellar Theme Song

This song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. A feast for ears. Enjoy!